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Hermes can be insatlled either with Homebrew or by directly downloading the binary from the GitHub releases page.

Install using Homebrew

Terminal window
brew tap cadensstudio/tap && brew install hermes

Install the binary

You can also download the Hermes binary for Windows, Mac, or Linux from the GitHub releases page.

Get a Google Fonts API Key

Before you start using Hermes, you need a Google Fonts API Key. You can get a free Google Fonts API Key on the Google Cloud Platform Credentials page.

Configure Hermes with Your API Key

After obtaining your API key, you need to make it accessible to Hermes by setting it as an environment variable:

Terminal window

Ensure this environment variable is set in the terminal session where you plan to run Hermes, or add it to your .bashrc, .zshrc, or equivalent shell configuration file for a more permanent setup.